Meranda is a Realtor Partner that enjoys working with families to help them build wealth through real estate, buy their first home, and make sound investments based on long-term goals. She believes that real estate is the key to wealth-building, and owning a home can change your life forever! To empower clients to change the trajectory of their family tree for generations to come, Meranda pays particular attention to helping them narrow down an area and break down how it will provide cash flow in the future. She is an expert at helping people navigate their big-picture goals through conversations about money and personal desires!

At the end of the day, Meranda’s favorite part about her job is getting to know her clients and helping them achieve their real estate dreams! Education is also something she prides herself on—she knows how tricky navigating the market can be and loves to hold her clients’ hands throughout the process so they can make decisions based on the knowledge they have acquired.

Helping single moms’ achieve homeownership and find a place to call their own is something that especially touches Meranda’s heart. She and her brother were raised by a strong single mom, and growing up, they never lived in a home they didn’t rent. Today, she feels blessed to have the power to put families like hers in better situations!

As a Colorado native, Meranda is proud to call Denver her lifelong home. After working in the service industry for a decade doing hair and making people feel beautiful, she has gained astounding listening and communication skills which she leverages in her real estate career.

In her free time, she loves to vacation with her husband and two daughters. Spending time with her family and pets fills her cup on a daily basis!