Zainab is a versatile outside sales agent who enjoys working with buyers, sellers, investors, military families, and first-time homebuyers to achieve their real estate dreams! Because she helps people from all walks of life, she specializes in being able to cater the buying/selling process to each individual person. For example, when working with investors, she spends careful time running numbers and finding properties that meet their desired net profit. Client satisfaction is her top priority, meaning she is willing to go above and beyond for her clients!

She attended The University of Sargodha, Pakistan, and got her Bachelor’s in Software Engineering. During her studies, she learned the importance of satisfying a consumer’s needs, no matter the product or service. She is now trained to serve buyers/sellers write legal documents, and competitively negotiate.

Zainab believes that real estate investment is one of the most significant purchases anyone can make in their life. She knows the power of wealth building through homeownership that can transfer through generations. She herself invests with her husband, and it has personally changed her family’s life in the best way possible. Guiding someone in the right direction and providing them with knowledge is what Zainab believes is the key to helping them make good decisions, and thus, be confident and satisfied with their purchase.

Zainab’s favorite part of her job is seeing the look of joy on her client’s faces when they find and secure the right home! Getting top dollar for her sellers and finding good income-producing properties are among the most satisfying part of her job. When her clients win, she wins!

One of the most compelling experiences in her career was when she helped a military family who were first-time homebuyers during an extremely competitive market. She pulled through and found the right home and won it for them after vigorous negotiation.

In her free time, Zainab enjoys family time. She has 3 young kids and she loves spending quality time with them and playing sports. Bike rides with her husband, swimming, cooking, are all a close second!