12 years ago today, I made one of the biggest decisions of my life, which was to start my career as a realtor. It has been a CRAZY but super exciting ride, and it has been the biggest joy to help so many families over the last 12 years with buying or selling homes! I am so fortunate to have found a career that I absolutely LOVE!

Thank you to my mentor, my best friend, and my mama for believing in me! I was a young 22-year-old, right out of college. You have spent countless hours helping me learn how to be a realtor that advises her clients not based on what is good for us, but what is good for THEM! I have learned SO much from you and continue to learn so much from you! You are the best realtor I know, and I feel SO blessed to have been under your mentorship for these last 12 years! Debbie Reynolds, you have BELIEVED in me from the very beginning and that belief in me and confidence that you have had in me (not only as a realtor but as a leader) is truly the piece that a lot of people don’t see, but is the most critical! Thank you for believing me and being my biggest cheerleader!!

Today I’m off to a walkthrough and closing for one of my amazing clients who are buying their second home, it seems fitting that this is how I’m spending my morning. 

Thank you to SO many of my clients, who have become friends, who have supported me in my career for the last 12 years! I couldn’t do what I do every day without you guys, and I seriously have the BEST past client family! You guys know who you are, and I love and appreciate you!