Finally getting to the finish line on your home sale is a GREAT feeling, especially if you had problems getting it sold in the past—much like our recent clients, Andrew and Linda. With another Realtor, they were unable to sell their home last summer, which boiled down to the textbook mistakes we usually see when a home doesn’t sell.

For starters, their price was unrealistically high, to no fault of their own. Their previous Realtor offered no guidance in terms of how to set their price, so they took a shot in the dark and went too high.

Secondly, their Realtor didn’t properly market their home or take proactive steps to sell it. They felt like their home sale was an afterthought to their Realtor, which led to only getting 4-5 showings for the entire duration of the summer.

And lastly, a lack of communication from their Realtor became the downfall of their sale. Their Realtor was not present to help them, most likely because they were handling all aspects of multiple different transactions by themselves, and didn’t have time to give special attention to Andrew and Linda. This is why having a team that manages different parts of the process is vital—no one person can do it all and still have good relationships with their clients!

After assessing what went wrong before, we got to work aggressively marketing their house on our extensive list of marketing channels, so this time, their home would be guaranteed to sell! With guidance from our Realtor Partner, Jenny Nalley, the right price was set, the proper repairs were made, and communication remained constant. Her leadership and compassion for getting this family to the finish line after their hardships are what ultimately SOLD their home.

We couldn’t be happier for this family and believe our meeting with them was fate! After receiving what felt like hundreds of flyers from different Real Estate companies, Andrew received ours wanted to meet with us. On a separate occasion, Linda heard about our Team and felt the same way before consulting with Andrew. So when they finally came together to talk about which Team to hire, they both said The Reynolds Team! We thank God for bringing us together and allowing us to serve this family!

Did you know that only 48% of homes that went on the market last year sold the first time with the first agent they hired? Most sellers last year had to call a 2nd or 3rd agent to get the job done, or even worse, not sell at all . The agent you hire the first time matters! The Reynolds Team sells 98% of our listings the first time, so when you hire us, your home is more likely to sell! Meeting with us is completely free, and there is no obligation, so Call Us at 703-297-4251 to see how we can serve you!

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