For some, selling a home and moving to another is a time full of anticipation and excitement for the future ahead. For others, unforeseen circumstances are the reason they are forced to move, and their road ahead will be one filled with stress and anxiety. Although we love making people’s real estate dreams come true, it’s the families in distressed situations that need our help the most and are always the most rewarding when our job is done.

When Mike’s son got sick, he called us to help him sell his “forever home” in Washington, DC, so he could relocate to a temporary rental property to be closer to his loved one. We successfully sold his home for $30K over asking price, but unfortunately, he was still feeling down because he couldn’t bring his dog, Maggie, with him to his new home.

For our team, it’s all about making an IMPACT! We sent a message out, asking if anyone could help find someone to adopt Maggie so Mike could rest easy knowing she was in a good home while he focused on his family. Our very own team member stepped up and adopted Maggie! With a successful sale and his 4-legged pal in a phenomenal home, we are feeling so blessed to have been able to serve Mike and his family during times of hardship.

Less stress and hassle! We follow a team system that allows for all the details to be handled, stress to be reduced, and a seamless process of selling your home. You get multiple team members for the price of one and hundreds of years of combined experience―all working to sell quickly, get you the most money, and take the stress out of the process. Call us to put us to work for you at 304-316-6412!