“To whom much is given, much is required.”

It is our greatest honor and privilege to have been given MUCH in 2021—2,000 amazing clients partnered with us and referred their friends and family to aid in their real estate needs! Because we have been blessed by so many incredible people to continue to grow our business, MUCH is required from us! Each and every team member stepped up BIG in 2021 and gave back an astonishing $604,897 to Worthy Causes like The Fisher House Foundation, Children’s National Hospital, Love Gives, Churches, Mission projects in Africa, Turning Point Breast Cancer Rehab Center, KW Cares, Prince William County Social Services, Nova Family Services, 29 Diner, Colorado Adoption Services, local schools and sports teams, and SO many more!

All the awards we’ve been recognized for in 2021 bring pride for our team family, but true joy and fulfillment come from changing the world! We are a team that had the crazy dream of changing the world, and in 2021, we did that! There isn’t a word that truly can describe the humility and satisfaction this accomplishment brings our team family, and we have people like YOU, our amazing client family, to thank for helping make this possible!

Learn how you can be a part of making a difference: rtrsells.com/make-a-difference/