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Ranked as one of the top teams in the DC metro Area by the Wall Street Journal, Debbie, Sarah, and the entire Reynolds EmpowerHome Team attribute their success to always putting their clients’ needs first, above all else. This is something that many agents say, but Debbie and Sarah are on a mission to actually DO by providing their clients several GUARANTEE programs that take the risk out of selling or buying a home. They have become passionate about providing these guarantees, while at the same time, making each client feel as though they are their only client.

Debbie began her real estate career in 1988, and what started as a way to earn extra income for her family, turned into a passion. After graduating college, Sarah joined her mom in 2006, and quickly came to share the same passion for serving others through real estate. They are a true family-owned business! It’s been said that buying or selling a home is one of the most stressful events that anyone will go through in their lifetime. Debbie and Sarah understand this, and are on a mission to provide a superior home buying/selling experience for their clients, where the stress wilts away!

Debbie and Sarah have always hired partners to join the team that share their core values. It hasn’t always been easy to find them, but they have found that it is worth the wait to find team members that have the same heart to serve that they do! And thus, an amazing team is born!

Reynolds EmpowerHome Team Values


These values are fundamental values within our team. We foster these positive qualities to ensure a better experience for our clients.


We always try to exceed the expectations of our clients and team members by going above and beyond every chance we get.


We value our clients above and beyond everything else. We will make you our top priority and make sure you feel valued as our client.


We believe that communication is vital to the success of any effort. It increases productivity and overall client satisfaction, our number one goal.


Our team never gives up. We are trained and given the support to proactively solve any problem that arises.


We understand that building relationships in our community is key to being a part of it. We have cultivated a culture of service within our team.

Who Hires Reynolds EmpowerHome Team?

People Who Are Always Busy
People Who Are Always Busy

Debbie & Sarah’s system features methods of marketing and selling their homes that minimizes their involvement and inconvenience. Debbie & Sarah’s pre-selection and qualifying process reduces the number of people who troop in and out of the home with no real interest in it or ability to buy it immediately.

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

They quickly recognize the superiority of Debbie and Sarah’s sophisticated system for selling homes as quickly as possible for top-dollar. They have the background and experience to understand the power of the multi-media, multi-step system that Reynolds EmpowerHome Team has perfected.

People With No Time For Do-Overs
People With No Time For Do-Overs

Reynolds EmpowerHome Team sells 98% of the homes they list – compared to the average agent's low 48%. Many sellers go through three agents before finally getting their home sold – and then they tend to compromise their price severely. People determined to get it right the first time compare Debbie and Sarah’s track record to others, and make the obvious choice.

Executives & Leaders
Executives & Leaders

People in leadership are accustomed to bringing people who play diverse & specialized roles together as a team, and generate a productive approach to complex situations. Because of this, Executives and Leaders understand and appreciate the Reynolds EmpowerHome Team System.

People Who Are NOT Investors or Real Estate Experts
People Who Are NOT Investors or Real Estate Experts

Most successful people have not had the time or inclination to become experts in finance, investments, and real estate law, unless it applies to their profession. So they want someone supervising every aspect of the sale of their home who is a leading authority and globally recognized expert with many years of successful experience.

Join The Reynolds EmpowerHome Team

We are always looking for talented team members to join our growing team! Are you an agent who wants to just focus on the things that you love – YOUR clients? We have a unique system that allows for our agents to focus on the buyers and sellers that they work with.  We provide appointments for our agents, as well as the BEST support team in the industry!!

We are a group of people that have come together and share the same core values, always put our clients first, and want to accomplish BIG things together! We are fun, supportive, and hardworking!

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