The end of summer is a sad day for everyone. Whether you are a parent, student, co-worker, or just a human being the summer blues hits us all. The end of summer marks the end of vacations, pool days, bbq’s, long-days, and less traffic. That being said, with every end there is a new beginning. The beginning of crisp fall air, apple picking, hay-rides, and everything Pumpkin spice (this is America). Before we get ahead of ourselves let’s take a second to prepare ourselves for our last few weeks and days of summer. These 7 steps can help you have a smoother transition into the last quarter of the year.

1. Change Your Perspective
Changing your attitude and perspective is key to cognitive reframing. Think of the little kid in Disney World throwing a tantrum. They are unable to enjoy anything because their focus and thinking are consumed with negative thoughts. It’s not till they let go that they can get back to enjoying the magic. So as we enter the fall, think about all the things you love about the season rather than fixating on the end of summer.

2. Look Forward
With your new mindset, it should set you up for our next tip of looking forward. With hot chocolate, football, apple picking, cozy sweaters, boots, and sitting fireside there is a lot to look forward to. Especially, since you can do all of these things without getting sunburned and sweaty!

3. Must-See TV
Some of your favorite shows are coming back from their summer hiatus and ready to entertain you! Shows like This Is Us, Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, The Walking Dead, The Voice, and Disney + will all be debuting in the coming months.

4. Plan a Trip
Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you can’t still plan a getaway. Rent a cabin, go camping, our plan ski trip. Just the anticipation and planning of a getaway can boost your morale. Having things to look forward to is a key part to happiness so get to planning!

5. Be Different
We all tend to be very cyclical with our thinking and actions. The seasons, and everything we like and dislike stays the same each year. If this is the case, prepare for those things and be different. For instance, if going to the gym has been you nemeses then change it up! With the weather cooling down this is the perfect time to create a new routine outdoors.

6. Bring The Thing You Love Best of Summer Into The Fall
There is nothing wrong with allowing yourself to bring your summer mindset and perspective into the fall. Continue eating fresh farmer’s market produce, reading books, enjoying the outdoors and taking walks and bike rides.

7. Refocus
If you are a leader, manager, or parent take the opportunity of returning from summer trips to build focus. This is the perfect time to realign priorities and goals rather than catching up on emails, voicemails, and forgotten to-do lists. What do you want to accomplish before winter time and what are the steps to get there. Don’t squander the opportunity to get back on track and accomplish your big goals for this year (personally, professionally, financially).