When times are tough, it’s time to start cutting non-essential expenses. You’d be surprised at just how much money you can save when you re-evaluate your spending and cut back on what isn’t necessary! The pandemic has left us with a unique situation that leaves a lot of room for saving, so check out our list below of things you should consider cutting back on during these trying times.

1. Eating Out: With restaurants closed in our area, this shouldn’t be a problem! If you’re someone who eats out a lot, cooking more meals from home will save you hundreds of dollars a month. With this extra family time we are getting, cooking with everyone will be a great learning and bonding experience that you should continue even when Coronavirus is in our rearview.

2. Start a Garden: Business Insider Magazine estimates the average family can save up to $24,000 a year on food expenses if they grow their own garden! If you’re thinking about this option, all you need is soil, tools, and seeds to be on the path to having fresh produce. Try out carrots, peppers, tomatoes, berries, squash, and more!

3. Reconsider Cable: If no sports are playing right now, why would you pay for a sports package? Call your cable company and renegotiate what channels you pay for. An option you can also consider is YouTube TV which is $50/month and offers the same thing all cable companies provide (recording, watching on multiple devices, watch from anywhere, etc.)

4. Cancel Gym Membership: It’s not wise to go to a place that congregates as many people as a gym does. You can order some at-home workout equipment and create your own workout routine from there! Cancel that gym membership!

5. Change Insurance Deductibles: Choose a higher deductible for a lower monthly payment. Change homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, etc.

6. Watch What You Eat: Make a meal prep plan and stick to it! Studies have shown that 70% of purchases are impulse buys, so before you go grocery shopping, make a list and stick to it. And don’t forget about coupons—you can save up to $30 a week!

7. Reduce Electricity Use: Two inefficient light bulbs use the same amount of electricity as a large computer. Replace them with efficient light bulbs and make sure to turn off things that are not in use. Don’t forget to unplug electronics that are not in use like stereos, workout equipment, etc.—they will cost you a fortune just by being plugged in! And finally, use fans when you can to cut back on air conditioning usage as this is the biggest power user in your home.

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