Gaye Ribble is the Team Leader for EmpowerHome Team formerly known as The Ribble Group. Gaye partnered with Sarah Reynolds of EmpowerHome in 2021.

Denver – Front Range has welcomed The Ribble Group within their communities for the last 30 years. Gaye started her business as a solo agent, which grew into a successful team with massive growth over the years. Gaye attributes this remarkable success to continue serving clients at the highest level, cultivating trust and respect within the communities they are proud to serve.

Gaye’s favorite part about the real estate industry has always been serving clients on the ground level. Fostering relationships with clients and helping them unlock the power of owning a home is something she considers to be the greatest honor in the world! However, to expand her impact around Denver, she needed to bring on more team members who shared her passion for helping others. Now, she is proud to have built a team of over 15 agents that have tremendous integrity and have played a role in serving over 3,000 families. Gaye lives by the motto, “To whom much is given, much is expected in return.” She has a servant’s heart and it brings her a great sense of joy and humility to serve others!