Jesses is a Realtor Partner, currently serving families in Maryland. He prides himself on being an aggressive negotiator who fights for his clients, gives prudent counsel, and strategizes with clients on home selling/buying. He believes that getting his clients through tough situations and helping them keep things calm, limit stress, and/or accomplish goals in relation to their home is the greatest accomplishment he can achieve in his career! His client’s wins are his wins!

Jesses’s favorite part about being a Realtor Partner for Reynolds EmpowerHome is meeting with new people every day and successfully helping them achieve their real estate dreams! Whether that means getting them top dollar, finding a lucrative investment property, or buying their first home.

Jesses severed 12 years in the US NAVY (Active/Active Reserve), serving onboard everything from Aircraft carrier’s USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) to small boat ops with Riverine units. He was enrolled in many tech schools, training, and college! He has also been recognized for multiple awards within Reynolds EmpowerHome team Network as “Agent of the Month,” “Ratifying Machine,” “Listing Agent of the Month,” and more for MD North/DC.