I am proud to be a Realtor Partner for the greatest team in the country! My name is Linda and I am a Senior Real Estate Specialist trained to help buyers and sellers achieve their real estate dreams! I was recently named on of the Top 20 Agents in the Empowerhome Network, which recognized my dedication to getting my clients to the closing table!

I am skilled in the art of negotiation and have a strong background in customer service, which has given me the tools to truly understand the needs of each individual person. I love diving deep into people’s stories and getting to know their motivations and reservations, which all play a role in the moving process. I leverage my big heart for serving others to deliver 5-star service 100% of the time!

I believe that real estate is a powerful tool in helping build wealth for many generations to come. I am on a mission to empower anyone and everyone to achieve homeownership and believe it’s never too late to get started. In fact, one of my most compelling wins was when I helped a veteran purchase his first home at the age of 45! Helping people achieve this monumental life goal is the most rewarding part of my job—and I hope to help make a similar win happen for you, too!

You can find me spending time with friends and adoring pets in my personal time!