In Matt Ertter’s role as the Chief Growth Officer / Director of Sales at EmpowerHome, he acts as a conduit between our team and our expansion partners to leverage our best practices and those unique to our expansion partners. In addition, Matt is the central person coordinating our expansion partner’s launch in their area by ensuring a project plan is followed by consistently interfacing with them on things such as when/how to integrate training, for example. 

Matt’s background has always been growth-focused, and thus, he understands that growth is what puts EmpowerHome in a position to serve more families. In his previous role as a results-driven sales and leadership professional in our Federal Government, he can easily envision bigger picture goals. He believes the geographical expansion is a key component in EmpowerHome achieving our mission of serving 1,000 a month!

In his free time, Matt enjoys spending time with his family, who are all sports enthusiasts. He roots for all DC teams and is his son’s #1 fan, who has been a competitive athlete in a wide variety of sports throughout his life. Another one of Matt and his wife, Peggy’s, passions is the culinary arts—they love discovering new flavors and unique dining experiences together.