Yes, there was a pandemic in May, and YES, we still BROKE RECORDS because of our team’s power when we are together!!! United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Our team of CHAMPIONS accomplished unimaginable things last month despite the hardships we experienced, which has made us stronger than ever before!

Here are our AMAZING May highlights:

– We helped 88 families buy/sell a home
– We helped 47 sellers, and 41 buyers
– We had 399 appointments happen! *NEW REYNOLDS TEAM RECORD!

✯ Top Buyer Agent: Kanwar Sodhi, M.D.
✯ Top Listing Agent: Jovan Ruzic
✯ Top Overall Agent & Ratifying Machine: Chris Johnson
✯ Get the Listing Award: Jesses Griswold
✯ VIP Buyer Award: Reema Wadhwannia
✯ Know Your Worth Award: Jennifer Dennis
✯ TOP ISA Based on Appointments Happened: Brian Parvin
✯ TOP ISA Based on Closings: Marc Parvin
✯ Amazing Success Team Member: Sarah Lawson
✯ Amazing Marketing Team Member: Nora Ahamad
✯ Amazing VA Success Team Member: Maria Valencia

✯ Best Month of their RTR Careers: Kristina Inscoe, Maggie Ball, Kanwar Sodhi, M.D., Tameka Martinez, Bob Lamborn, Craig Carozza-Canivess, Rickey Fought, Kristen Hodge, and Rebecca Peterson

✯ Top Conversation Leader for OSA’s: Kanwar Sodhi, M.D.
✯ Top Conversation Leader for ISA’s: Kristen Hodge
✯ Top Conversation Leader for Client Care: Madisen Fertel
✯ Top Conversation Leader for TC’s: Becky Brouse

✯ Top Agent for Team Loudoun: Michele Bonner
✯ Top Agent for Team Fairfax: Kanwar Sodhi, M.D.
✯ Top Agent for Team Prince William: John Flynn
✯ Top Agent for Team MD South: Jenny Nalley
✯ Top Agent for Team MD North & DC: Jennifer Dennis
✯ Top Agent for Team Richmond: JoanE Justice
✯ Top Agent for Team Atlanta: Kristina Inscoe

Thanks to our Championship Team’s initiative and determination, we are on our way to achieving our GO SERVE BIG MISSION this year of impacting 1,250 families through the purchase/sale of a home! In addition, our Give Back Commitment in 2020 is $300,000, and we are DEDICATED to donating this amount to many Worthy Causes like The Fisher House Foundation and Children’s National Hospital. These goals go hand-in-hand, and we wouldn’t be able to do it without our AMAZING clients!