Many first-time homebuyers are ready to take on the task of finding their dream home all by themselves, that is, until they realize that buying a home requires more than just contacting the listing agent and being done with it. Without your own realtor representing you, you miss out on amazing homes because realtors simply have more resources! Additionally, having someone on your side protects you from purchasing a home with problems, and ensures you get the best deal.

Our client, Sam, thought he could do it all on his own, too, but was glad he worked with our Realtor Partner, Melanie Werner. She not only curated a specialized list of homes based on Sam’s criteria, but also took care of every aspect of the offer to make sure Sam got the best deal. Without her, he might not have known to make the sellers get issues fixed that came up in the home inspection, which could have resulted in serious complications down the road!

Thanks to our team, Sam got the home he wanted, for the right price (he even got a canoe out of the deal), and is now a proud first-time homeowner! It was such an honor helping yet another person achieve homeownership and stop paying their landlord’s mortgage! CONGRATS SAM AND GOOD JOB MELANIE!

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