After a long journey of trying to sell their home with several obstacles along the way, John and Susanna were glad The Reynolds Team stuck with them over the years until they were ready.

This couple faced what many families eventually experience—outgrowing their home! With more kids than their space was equipped for, they were in need of an upgrade.

Upon meeting with them, we assessed that their house was going to require a good bit of repairs before it went on the market, which was not going to be an easy task. With other expenses getting in the way of their ability to make the proper renovations, they began to feel discouraged and stuck in their home. We understood their frustration—sometimes you can be caught between a rock and a hard place when you need to sell your current home to buy a new one.

We advised them to do the repairs as they could to stay within their budget, and when they felt ready to go, we would get their home sold no matter what. A year later, they reached out to us and said it was time to hit the gas! We wasted no time helping stage their home and getting it on the market, in fact, it was only active on MLS for 1 DAY before it SOLD!

We are so happy we could keep this family from getting stuck. With our expertise and passion for guiding others in the right direction, we succeeded in our mission!

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