The Reynolds Team is on a mission to support local and small businesses. We truly have a passion for it!  We know that behind EVERY small and local business is a family.  A family that gets up everyday and works hard to make a difference in their local community, by providing goods or a service.  When you support a local small business, you are supporting that family, and supporting them creates jobs locally as well.  Most small business owners will tell you that most of their “profits” are investing back into the business and into creating more jobs.

With that in mind, I challenged my team to figure out something we could do to support a local small business, and in turn give back to our clients in the form of a gift to the buyers that work with us.  They accepted the challenge and we teamed up with this local business, who is making personalized pallet signs for our clients who bought a home. We get to support this local family, and the BEST NEWS OF ALL, our clients are LOVING THEM!!!!?

Here are a few pictures of the final products, aren’t they so cute?  We love them!