We’ve been wanting to announce this partnership for WELL over a year and a half!

YES—you heard that right! One of the first conversations we had with Brandie Mathison-Klein was over a year and a half ago, and from that moment we knew she was special and wanted to get to know her more! She and her husband, Dave, are the true definition of a “power couple,” but they would never even want that label because with them it’s all about SERVICE—not about themselves! Service to their clients and their team in a BIG WAY!! Their team is #1 in their market, yet you would never know it, humility and service are the two worlds that truly define them!

Over the last many months, we have had the honor of getting to know two of the most remarkable and humble leaders we have ever seen! Their team goes on and on about them and trusts them so fully! They have leaned into the EmpowerHome Mission in every way and we are so excited to be launching and serving Orlando, FL, besides our remarkable partners, Brandie Mathison-Klein, Dave Klein, and the entire Mathison-Klein Group!

EmpowerHome is ready to begin our impact story in the sunshine state, we will impact the Orlando community by giving back to worthy causes much bigger than ourselves! Brandie and Dave were sure worth the wait! Welcome to the EmpowerHome Team!