One of our favorite things to do here at The Reynolds Team is helping 1st-timers buy their very first home! With the right realtor, this can be a positive experience filled with excitement and enthusiasm. Our goal is to preserve those feelings by eliminating stress, so our clients can relish in this lifetime achievement. Such a story of a first-time homebuyer can be told about a recent client of ours, named K.

We met K in February, and at the time, she was not quite ready to jump into the buying process. She even mentioned that she felt obligated to work with an agent that she knew, and this greatly discouraged her. Since she was hesitant, she ultimately decided she would wait a while before looking to buy. Despite this, we communicated with her over the next six months, many times just asking, “How are things?”

In September, when we called K to touch base and say hi, she told us that she was ready to purchase a home! She also commented on how outstanding The Reynolds Team had been communicating with her, and that it was a primary reason she chose to work with us. We immediately set out to look for homes and ended up finding the perfect condo during the second weekend. Unfortunately, there were six other offers, and we weren’t able to get it. Other agents in this scenario might have turned to the philosophy of, “Another one will turn up down the road.” But The Reynolds Team’s belief is not to sit back and wait, but instead, to search even more relentlessly.

Through using exclusive Reynolds Team tools and training, we found K the EXACT same model condo that wasn’t even on the market. She was able to purchase it and begin her “wealth through real estate” stage of her life (I wish I had started this young, it is NEVER TOO EARLY!). We are so blessed to have gotten the opportunity to help K with this huge life achievement. It was such a smooth and stressfree transaction thanks to the entire team despite some rocky beginnings and short-comings.

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