It’s been almost a year since we first heard from Mary, who was looking to sell her rental property in Washington, DC! Now that she’s finally days away from closing on the property, we thought we’d share her amazing real estate story!

Although we would have loved to sell her home the moment she reached out to us last Spring, she wasn’t motivated to sell for a while because her tenant wasn’t comfortable with change and letting go of their home! Moving can be a very emotional life event, and we have seen so many families need some time to process their move before committing. Understanding the complexity of the situation, we didn’t push them in a direction they were uncomfortable with, but instead, we checked in every so often to make sure that Ms. Mary knew we were still there whenever she was ready!

Our patience paid off because this is exactly what Ms. Mary needed during these times! When the time was right, we were able to help sell her home for TOP-DOLLAR! She even personally reached out to us to let us know that she is so grateful to our team for our kindness, patience, and dedication to her family’s needs. That’s how you change lives through real estate! Without a compassionate group standing behind Ms. Mary and her tenant, they might have had a very difficult time making such a big move! Huge shout out to our entire team for following up and making a HUGE impact on Ms. Mary and her family!

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