We are so excited to share this story with you today! Our Reynolds EmpowerHome Team-family comes together with our entire Keller Williams family every spring for Red Day to give back to the community! This call to serve is very close to our hearts! As you know, our team was founded over 3 decades ago from a desire to serve not only home buyers and sellers at the highest level but, – most importantly – to serve our community.

Before we get to this story, we’d love your help! Many of our neighbors have shared with us how a worthy cause close to them has directly impacted their families, and our favorite stories come from neighbors like you! We often write about Fisher House Foundation because of the amazing impact they have on our community. We would love to hear how a worthy cause close to your heart has impacted you and your family; we may even share your story in the next letter!

HR May, 2024 featured 1Red Day was started many years ago as a call to our Keller Williams team-family to “Give Where You Live!” Each team gives back to local food banks, parks, shelters, and other worthy causes to support them in their mission of making an impact in our communities! During Red Day, we filled local shelters with our own love & support, assisting them with amazing care packages, meals for their residents, and much-needed donations. Our team also had the amazing opportunity to lend a helping hand to a cancer recovery center and a therapy center for amazing kids & adults living with autism and physical, cognitive, or emotional disabilities. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to help these pillars of support in our communities! We are humbled by the volunteers and staff we met who dedicate their lives to this cause – their love and commitment is nothing short of inspirational!

This is why we’re so passionate about supporting worthy causes like Fisher House Foundation, the awesome impact they make on our team and each family they serve is so profound and lasts a lifetime! The compassion we see in their actions every day inspires our team and families like yours to bring more good into the world. With every introduction you give, we donate a portion of our income to these and other worthy causes so they can continue making an impact in our community! If you or if someone you know is thinking about moving, Call or Text us today at 804-486-7388 and introduce us to them. Not only will they get the 5-star service that we are known for, but they will help support an awesome worthy cause so they can continue all the good work they do in our community.

Thank you,
Sarah & Debbie Reynolds
CEO / Team Leader of Reynolds EmpowerHome Team

If you are thinking about moving, or if someone you know may be, please call or text 804-486-7388 and introduce us to them. Not only will they get the 5-star service that we are known for, but they’ll be able to support this awesome worthy cause.