We are excited to be back with another Life In Loudon feature today! This one comes in with impeccable timing—it’s the COVID-19 success story we need right now! WATCH this heartwarming video of our Community Correspondent, Scooter Vines, chatting with the incredible Bilstad family, and read on to hear their story!

To begin this inspirational story, let’s first introduce the incredible Bilstad family consisting of trained chef, Scott, his wife, Jenny, and their 2 kids. Like many families during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Scott was furloughed from his food industry job and began seeking other ways to utilize his time that would double as a way to provide for his family. What better way for a chef to pass the time than baking and cooking? One of the Bilstad family’s most beloved treats are Beignets, a famous French pastry commonly served in New Orleans, and a personal favorite of Jenny’s, a proud Louisiana native.

They had the idea to begin selling their family’s specialty dessert to some neighbors and friends, but in just 2 days, they had a whopping 90 orders. It was a smashing hit! Their immediate success grew exponentially, until they had to pause their operation to create a social media presence, fill out paperwork, etc. After their latest relaunch, you can find them at a new pop-up every weekend! But beware, these things sell out FAST, so preordering is recommended!

Visit www.BilstadsBeignets.com and Like their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/bilstadsbeignets/