Deciding to stop paying your landlord’s mortgage and take on the responsibility of owning your own home is a significant milestone to reach in your life! Although going from renting to buying is a much different experience and can be an intimidating process to a first-time homebuyer, investing in a property rewards you with a valuable asset and the freedom you deserve. We are passionate about helping families achieve homeownership here at The Reynolds Team—we know the value of such an investment and want to share it with everyone!

First time home, buyers, Suresh and Pavithra, were ready to make this change and gave The Reynolds Team a call to find their dream home! With leadership from Realtor Partner, Reema Wadhwannia, we began on this amazing Real Estate journey together!

Reema’s comprehensive knowledge of the surrounding area, coupled with her ability to ask the right questions, enabled her to locate the perfect home for Suresh and Pavithra. We even utilized our extensive list of resources to set these home buyers up with an awesome lender to secure their new house. Thanks to our entire team of experts aiding in this sale, communication was always timely and led to Suresh and Pavithra becoming owners of their very first home in Brambleton, VA!

Suresh even left a heartfelt review for us based on his experience working with The Reynolds Team—check it out below!

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