We had one goal: to raise as much money as we can for the TRUE American Heroes – our Veterans! It was a few months ago and we were meeting for our quarterly Mastermind Group on how to do an even better job for our clients. There were just a few of us there, and we started talking about a dinner that was going to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. We thought this was a great cause, but a few of us have felt even more passionate about our Veterans. One of the agents in our group said, Why don’t we auction a few of us off? Another agent around the country could win a trip to our office to spend time with us, and see what we do everyday.

I thought this was an awesome idea and of course I wanted to raise money for the charity that we support – The Fisher House Foundation- so I jumped right on it! We created videos and emails, and made calls to get the word out about the event. We wanted this to be a huge success, but I have to admit, I was nervous! What if no one bid on us?! There were three of us that volunteered, and the winning bidder would have the opportunity to come out to our office and sit with us for the day. We would go over their business and try to help improve it and make it better.

The night came and it was a Black Tie event. We all got dressed up and super fancy. It was time for the bidding to begin. I leaned over and said “I hope that we go for more than $500!”. We each got up on stage and the bidding kept continuing, when it went over $5,000, I was in shock! THIS IS AWESOME –  over $5,000 for our Veterans! Before I knew it, there were three agents that were spending a combined 21,500 dollars to spend a day with each of us!!!!! It was all crazy, but at the same time, what an honor!

Later this year, I will have the opportunity to spend time with the agent that won, and we will be able to focus on his business, and how to grow it, and help him make an even bigger impact in his community! But more than that, the thing that we accomplished that night was truly inspiring – to be able to give back to the everyday heroes that fight for our freedoms. It’s truly the least that I can do! They have sacrificed so much for us. For me to take a day away from my business to help a fellow realtor is not even a fraction of what they do for each of us everyday.

I’m so thankful that our country has amazing worthy causes like the Fisher House Foundation that we can give to and support, because their good work supports our military and their families!