For those of us who have started working from home due to the Coronavirus Pandemic have seen a huge change in our normal routine, which, understandably, has thrown our work-life balance out of wack. Below are 4 tips to help you better define the boundaries between your personal and professional life while we undergo quarantine and work virtually:

1. Get Dressed: Getting dressed as if you were going to leave your house helps you get into the mindset of being productive while working. You certainly don’t need to wear a suit or heels, but staying in your PJs will make it hard to distinguish when your personal time ends and where your professional life begins.

2. Designated Work Space: You must get out of your bedroom if you are to conduct work in your home. When you have a dedicated office space or an area you can create into one, you will be more likely to get work done versus lounging on the couch.

3. Take Breaks: Not taking breaks will make you feel like you are trapped in your own home! You don’t want to be working non-stop in your home for several days at a time. Take breaks by running errands, taking a walk, or exercising!

4. Make Plans For Your After-Work Hours: Having a transition between work and personal time will help your mind get away from work and get you in relaxation mode. Plan to cook dinner, watch a movie, or go outside to help you step away from work.

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