5 DAYS!!!!!  Yes, that’s right… 5 DAYS is all it took for this seller to find themselves in the SOLD category  The average days on market in our MLS is 110 days right now. That means that it is taking most sellers over 4 months before they even get a contract on their home. That is brutal and SO stressful.

If you have ever sold a home, you know how stressful it is.  Waking up every day and having to leave the house perfect. Dragging the kids and the pets out for showings, and the list goes on…

Thanks to our pre-marketing system, we were able to market the home and create demand with our list of buyers before we ever went on the market, which led to a SUPERFAST home sale of 5 days! Our pre-marketing system is pretty cool.  How it works is that right when a seller tells us GO, we send the home to our list of over 5,500 buyers that are in our database and start telling them about the home.  We also post it on multiple websites to create exposure before we go on the market. Many times we have a list of buyers that want to see one of our listings the minute we hit ACTIVE. This is a huge benefit to our sellers, and they are so grateful for the activity on their home right when we go on the market.


We are known in our market for “Debbie Has the Buyers” because we start marketing for your home, before you even call us.?  We truly do have the buyers, and we can help get your home sold for top dollar in record time!

If you want more information, you can give us a call at 703-297-4251 or go to DebbieHastheBuyers.com