When you find your dream home, you certainly can’t let the opportunity pass. However, for those who still own their old place, it can be scary thinking about having to manage 2 mortgages. After all, it is not an easy task, and it might be impossible for some! This was the case for Greg, who came to The Reynolds Team with a sense of urgency to sell his condo. He had found his new dream house and was set to close on it in just 30 days! However, he couldn’t keep his old apartment and needed a confident Realtor to get it sold FAST!

Luckily for Greg, we do business as a team, which is how we’re able to get our listings on the market and sell them faster than anyone else! And, not to mention, our proven marketing strategies that put our clients’ properties in front of as many people as possible. We didn’t even get that far with Greg’s condo, though, because before we ever launched his listing on our marketing channels, we found and secured a buyer! How, you ask? We marketed his home in our Coming Soon Program, which gives buyers a chance to view and make offers on houses that have not yet gone live on MLS. Shout out to Realtor Partner, Jovan Ruzic, for supporting this client throughout this process and ensuring a swift sale! 3 weeks later, Jovan and Greg were at the settlement table finalizing this job well done. Greg is now able to enjoy his new home and not have to stress about what to do with his old place.

Sell Faster! Selling a home can be so stressful, especially when your home sits on the market. We sell our listings three times faster, which reduces stress for our clients and gets more money in their pocket. Curious on how quickly your home could sell? Call Us at 703-297-4251.

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