The Dilemma: You have limited space, things are getting cluttered, and you’re getting overwhelmed. Does this sound like a room in your home? If so, we’ve got the best hacks that will help you clear up some space and visually trick the eye into thinking the room is larger. Prepare for a light, airy, larger, and more breathable home in 3, 2, 1…

    1. The Oldest Trick in the Book: It’s true, people have been adding mirrors to their spaces to make them appear bigger for ages! Need your small space to feel lighter and more open? This is the hack for you. 
    2. Do Lighting Smarter: Instead of wasting precious floor space on lighting, choose lamps that can be mounted to the wall. This is the ideal option for small spaces, plus, it adds invaluable dimension.
    3. Pocket Door To The Rescue: Separate an alcove bedroom from a living room with a sliding door to enhance privacy and give yourself allocated spaces for different activities. Pocket doors will also take up much less space than swinging doors!
    4. The Bigger The Better (Rugs): When it comes to making spaces feel larger and less crowded, large rugs are key. Unlike small rugs, they don’t break up the floor, instead, they give the room an anchor and a staple piece to design the rest of the room around. 
    5. Let There Be Light: Nothing spells disaster more for small spaces than dull, dark corners. If you have access to natural light, let it shine through! Don’t cover windows with dark curtains, light shades and curtains will help the room feel open and larger. 
    6. Build-It-Yourself: It’s time to get crafty with your storage. Build your own shelves and think vertically! The higher, the better! 
    7. Neutral Colors, Duh: Tons of patterns and colors can quickly give a small space chaotic energy. To make your small room feel spacious and open, think neutral colors—both dark and light will work, depending on your taste. 
    8. Shrink Your Table: It might be time to retire that grand rectangular dining table! If you’ve got limited space, opting for a smaller circular table is probably the right move, and no, they’re not just for breakfast nooks!