“We have purchased and sold several homes, and of all of these sales you have been outstanding. Your communications are written clearly and with expert understanding. Thank you again. We sincerely appreciate your devotion to your clients.” – Willowsford Homeowner

Thank you for the amazing words from our clients of this Willowsford Home! They sent this message to our amazing team, regarding our communication! One of the things that we pride ourselves in is going above and beyond with communication!

Did you know that 72% of homeowners say that they would not go back and use the same real estate agent? The number 1 reason they say is because of a lack of communication.  I love reading reviews like the one listed above, because yes, our clients were thrilled that their home sold in 3 weeks for the full asking price, but more than that, communication is what is most important when you are selling your largest asset – your home! 🙂  

Congratulations to this amazing family for selling your home in 3 weeks for 100% of asking price! We wish you the best in your move, and were so honored to help you! 🙂  HUGS!