I recently read where we work January 1st through June 30th of each year just to pay all of our taxes. In Canada, add another month or two. After that, you keep all you make. Prior to that, 100% goes to the government in some form or fashion to pay for some kind of government worker, work program, social program, defense, project, health care, common good, common bad, etc. Whatever you want to call it, April 18th is TAX day; the deadline for filing your federal income taxes in the U.S.A. Canucks have to file by April 30th. Why April?

So in celebration of this special time of year, let’s talk TAX relief. If you received last month’s letter from me, you will recall our goal of trying to raise $30,000 for The Fisher House Foundation this year to help them in their work of creating a Home Away From Home for our Military and their families while they are receiving medical treatment. But we need your help, and I believe you can benefit from the TAX relief as well.

For our Military that are hospitalized, taxes are not “top of mind’: health is. As you may have heard, The Fisher House Foundation is best known for a network of comfort homes where military and veterans’ families can stay at no cost while a loved one is receiving treatment. We are thankful to support such a wonderful program, doing such great work to help heal and help save military and veterans’ families out-of-pocket costs for lodging and transportation.

So while we are trying to figure out how much we owe the tax man, many are simply hoping they can be here to actually pay taxes. This is why we here at The Reynolds Team have resolved to do what we can to help.

For every house we sell this year, we are donating a portion of our income to The Fisher House. Our goal, again, is to raise $30,000 to help them in their quest to provide temporary comfort homes for our Veterans and their families while they seek treatment and recover.

This is where we need your help and how you can benefit at the same time …

Charitable contributions are tax deductible to a point. Rather than give your money to the government, you should consider making a donation to a charity. If you like this idea, we will match your donation up to $250 if you decide that The Fisher House Foundation is a good place to donate. Check with your CPA to verify the deduction allowed on your taxes before pursuing this avenue.

Either way, your referrals are in good hands and help us contribute to a good cause.

Life moves fast for some and we are eager to make the Home Selling and Buying experience a smooth and rewarding one. Over the last two decades of helping thousands of families sell their home and/or buy another, we have met some wonderful, loving, caring people. People like you! You can rest assured that your referrals will get the award-winning service we are known for, and that a solid portion of the income we receive from the transaction will go toward a very worthy cause.

Your Referrals Really Do Help the Veterans and their Families …

I want to make it easy to refer your friends, neighbors, associates or family members considering making a move, so here are your options:

1. You can pass along our business card; I have enclosed a few here for that
2. You can go to and enter their contact info online or forward the link to anyone you know who is considering a move.
3. You can always call us directly at 703-297-4251.

You and your referrals mean more than ever to my team and me. As we move forward in this new season, please know we are extremely thankful for you being a special part of our business.

With all our appreciation,
Sarah Reynolds Oji | CEO | Team Leader & Debbie Reynolds | Founder

P.S. Attached is a touching story of The Keeley Family and how Air Force Master Sergeant names his son Zachary in honor of Fisher House founder.