On the first Wednesday of every month, the entirety of The Reynolds Team gets together to commemorate hardworking team members—and to talk shop, of course. For November, we gave extraordinary team members some fantastic awards!

“One of the greatest discoveries a person makes is to find they
can do what they were afraid they couldn’t do.” ~Henry Ford

Top Buyer Agent: Rickey Fought
Top Listing Agent & Know Your Worth Award: JoaneE Justice
Top Overall Agent: Elizabeth Falcon
Ratifying Machine: Cody Regan
Get the Listing Award: Lisa Thurston
VIP Buyer Service Award: Tia Richards
TOP ISA Based On Appointments Happened & Closings: Brian Parvin
TOP ISA Based on Closing: Kris 
Amazing Success Team Member: Victor Echeverria
Marketing Team Member of the Month: Scooter Vines
Amazing VA Success Team Member: Eunice
Best Month of their RTR Careers: Rickey Fought

All of our team members made a significant impact on families in November, helping 48 families buy or sell a home! What a commemorable achievement, congrats to all!

Your Home SOLD GUARANTEED or We’ll Buy It!* So if you or anyone you know is looking to make a move in the next little while, DM or give us a Call at 703-297-4251. Visit us at RTRSells.com.

*conditions apply, call for details