James and Susan Lancaster were convinced that no one could sell their home. But can you blame them? They went through 2 different Agents and 2 different Real Estate Firms over the course of an entire year, and still had no prevail.

In a final, desperate attempt to get their home off their hands, they reluctantly called The Reynolds Team. Despite their lack of faith that their house would sell, we knew that we could get the job done in record time—we were ready to show them how a team of CHAMPIONS does business! Immediately after meeting with them, we got to work staging their home, and in just 3 DAYS after going live on our marketing channels, they had an offer! In an incredible turn of luck, the buyers closed on Susan and James’s home in just 2 WEEKS.

So, how did The Reynolds Team do it when no one else could? Unlike their other Agents, we marketed their house the RIGHT way. Our vast amounts of channels, 10,600 buyers in waiting, and aggressive marketing strategies allow us to put your listing in front of more buyers who are ready to move. We don’t just show your home—we sell it!

From 1 year on the market with other Agents to 3 DAYS with The Reynolds Team, Susan and James’s only regret is that they didn’t call us sooner!

Did you know that only 48% of homes that went on the market last year sold the first time with the first agent they hired? Most sellers last year had to call a 2nd or 3rd agent to get the job done, or even worse, not sell at all . The agent you hire the first time matters! The Reynolds Team sells 98% of our listings the first time, so when you hire us, your home is more likely to sell! Meeting with us is completely free, and there is no obligation, so call us at 703-297-4251 to see how we can serve you!

Sell Your Home Virtually GUARANTEED or We’ll Buy It!* No Need to Leave the House, No Showings, Everything done 100% Virtually. Give us a Call at 703-297-4251 or click HERE for more information.