“Incredible things can be done simply if we are committed to making them happen.” -Sadhguru

Here is The Reynolds Team’s August 2019 Award Winners: 

✯ Top Buyer Agent & Top Overall Agent: Chris Johnson
✯ Top Listing Agent: JoanE Justice
✯ Ratifying Machine: JR Ruzic
✯ GET the Listing Award: JoanE Justice
✯ VIP Buyer Service Award: Rickey Fought
✯ Know Your Worth Award: John Flynn
✯ TOP ISA based on Appointments Happened: Marc Parvin
✯ TOP ISA based on Closings: Kris Tomeldan
✯ Amazing Success Team Member: Gloria Tanner
✯ Amazing VA Success Team Member: Edz Ayran
✯ Best Month of their RTR Careers: Donnie Reynolds & Jeremiah Reynolds
✯ Most Google Review Winner: JR Ruzic
All of these team members made a huge impact on families in the month of August, helping 62 families buy or sell a home!!!! 
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