Not all of us are born with a green thumb. For some of us, just looking at a plant will mean it’s ultimate demise. For the following plants, however, even those with a track record for overwatering, over lighting, or even forgetting they have plants will be able to keep these alive.

1. Succulents (Specifically Cacti): Succulents need an abundance of sunlight and just a little bit of water.

2. Jade Plant: Plentiful sunlight and don’t water until the soil is completely dry.

3. Snake Plant: It’s hard to kill a snake plant—just don’t overwater.

4. Spider Plant: The plant that keeps on giving even when neglected.

5. Ficus Plant: Full sun for this guy!

6. Aloe: Likes a lot of indirect sunlight.

7. Yucca Tree: The recipe is easy for the yucca tree—sun, sun, and more sun.

8. Peace Lily: Notorious over-waterers will love this one. This plant can basically grow in a fish tank.

9. Dragon Tree: Keep pets away (it’s toxic to them but not humans) and water sparingly.

10. Rubber Plant: You really can’t mess this one up.

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