Mold grows anywhere moisture can be found—carpet, clothing, food, walls, pipes, ceiling tiles, etc., and the problem is that it spreads like wildfire, and once the spores are around, they cannot be entirely eliminated, making it a costly and life-long battle. The best thing you can do is prevent mold from ever cursing your home to begin with by using the following preventative measures to eradicate moisture inside your house:

1. Dry Wet Areas: Mold and moisture go hand-in-hand; without moisture, mold has no home. If you see any seepage or leaks, dry the area within 24-48 hours.

2. Problem Areas: Does your basement flood? Is there a leak in the ceiling? Do you notice condensation on your windows? This is a RED FLAG. Address the moisture problem and fix it immediately!

3. Prevent Mold In Plants: The most common way people kill houseplants is from overwatering, which causes root-rot, a type of mold. Do not overwater your house plants—ensure there are drainage holes so it can dry out as needed. You can even use “horticulture activated charcoal,” which is a natural disinfectant and will keep your plants from molding, even if you give it too much water.

4. Direct Water Away: Your home should be sufficiently sloped away from the foundation, or else, water may collect there.

5. Air Flow: You need to airflow to prevent moisture from appearing on walls, windows, and floors. Increase circulation by opening doors between rooms and closets and let in fresh air.

6. Wash Shower: Wash shower curtains and bathroom tiles regularly with mold-killing products.

7. Ventilation: Vent appliances that produce moisture (stoves, dryers, etc.) to the outside (not the attic). Use AC units, dehumidifiers, and consider opening a window or using an exhaust fan when cooking. The EPA recommends keeping indoor humidity between 30 and 60 percent, so if you’re concerned about mold, get a moisture meter to check your home’s levels.

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