We recently sat down with hundreds of Real Estate customers with other Real Estate Agents to get their feedback and opinions. We spoke to them about their experiences, and more common than not, they shared how they felt like they were deceived into signing a contract because of promises their Agent made. Some promised their clients that they could get thousands more for their home, but it turns out they were exaggerating to get them to sign a contract!

We developed our “Your Price is Our Promise! Your Home Sold for 100% of Asking Price or We Will Pay You The Difference” guarantees to combat this unfortunate common denominator in our industry. We promise that you will get the price we tell you or we will PAY you the difference! We aren’t going to lie and mislead you on what we think you can get for your home just to get you to sign a contract—we will be straight-forward and honest, and if we’re wrong, we’ll pay you the difference! Call us today at 703-936-6506.