Patience Salgado and her AMAZING family’s life was flipped upside down in just a year. Last summer, they found out that their 13-year-old, Jamie, had Thyroid Cancer. At the time, they didn’t have health insurance because of the outrageous rate insuring seven people cost, and when the Pandemic hit, Patience’s husband lost his job. Now more than ever, they needed their community to lend a hand and get them through these difficult times.

Patience and her family were nominated for our monthly 1K Impact Giveaway, and after reading through their year of hardships, we knew we had to step in an help! The Reynolds Team awarded them with our signature $1,000 check, and we are truly blessed that we were able to aid them through their difficult times.

Watch Patience talk about The Reynolds Teams’ 1K Impact Giveaway and how it helped her family when they needed it most.

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