We have found that many of those in the public feel that all agents are created equal. What do I mean by that? I mean they hire any agent, and they think they get the same result no matter who they hire.

Recently, I had the honor and privilege to speak about a subject that I am EXTREMELY passionate about! Keller Williams, the largest brokerage in America, with over 180 thousand agents, asked me to speak on the topic “Negotiations”. The reason they asked me is because they know that not all agents are created equal.

Fact: Numbers do not lie. When you look agents side by side, the fact is that numbers don’t lie and there is a difference between the agents you hire.

Numbers that don’t lie:
– The Reynolds Team got our clients 6.1% MORE money than the average in our MLS. That means that clients that hired us last year received an average $30,000 MORE versus if they hired an average agent. How did we do that? Our NUMBER 1 strength as a team: NEGOTIATIONS! We know how to negotiate for our clients!
– We sell home faster – 3 times faster! Selling a home is so stressful – the faster your home sells the less you have to show and carry that stress!

When interviewing an agent, the number 1 quality you should look for is if they are a strong negotiator. It’s not whether or not you like them, whether they are your neighbor or family member, or if you think they are nice. it is who is going to fight hardest for your bottom line?

Thank you KW for allowing me the opportunity to share some of The Reynolds Team story this week – I was able to speak about one of my passions, and for that, I will be forever thankful!

Sarah Reynolds
CEO, Team Leader| The Reynolds Team

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