Chester and Theresa Brookover have lived a wonderful life in their home. Ever since both of their children moved away and they were ready to retire, the house just felt too big for two people. They knew it was time to sell and downsize to something more suitable for their current situation. With this in mind, they hired a realtor, and in 6 months, they had almost NO Showings and ZERO Offers. Feeling frustrated and let down, fate led them to The Reynolds Team. A flyer came in the mail just as they were beginning to feel defeated, and they took a leap faith and gave us a call. After meeting with our Realtor Partner, JR, the Brookover’s FIRED their previous realtor and HIRED The Reynolds Team to get the job done right!

In just 30 DAYS with The Reynolds Team, there were 32 Showings! Chester and Theresa were thrilled at the traffic of prospective buyers coming into their home and felt hopeful again that they would be able to sell. Not long after, an offer was made, and they were all set to close! They moved into their new place and were ready to settle down into retirement.

Unfortunately, they got a phone call the weekend before closing that would change everything. They were informed that there was a complication with the buyer and that they were no longer able to purchase the home. Chester and Theresa were heartbroken and stressed because now they had to pay rent AND a mortgage! We told them not to worry and that we would take care of everything. We promised we would have the home closed before December 1st—and we keep our promises at The Reynolds Team.

Their home was put back on the market, and in 32 DAYS, there were a whopping 42 Showings! An offer came in on the house while they were away on vacation, and they signed all the paperwork while relaxing on the beach. We kept our promise to close before December 1st—we settled on Black Friday! Chester and Theresa were thrilled to have this all turned around in such a short time. They didn’t lose any money because of the speed at which we got a new buyer, AND because we got their home SOLD for $5K OVER THE ASKING PRICE!

The Brookover’s attribute our success in solving these complicated obstacles to our assertive and confident marketing strategies. When a prospective buyer was on the fence about making an offer, our Realtor Partner, JR, pushed further than other realtors by asking what they could do to the house to make a deal. Because of this ambition, we were able to tell the Brookover’s the result of the showing within days instead of them having to wait around for weeks to see what was happening.

Our team is professionally trained from the best in the businesses to be able to problem-solve any issues that arise, just like this one. We have more aggressive marketing strategies and will fight for what’s best for you. Chester and Theresa Brookover put their confidence in us, and are glad they did!

We thank Chester and Theresa for putting their trust in The Reynolds Team, and we are so glad we were able to exceed their expectations.

Did you know that only 48% of homes that went on the market last year sold the first time with the first agent they hired? Most sellers last year had to call a 2nd or 3rd agent to get the job done, or even worse, not sell at all. The agent you hire the first time matters! The Reynolds Team sells 98% of our listings the first time, so when you hire us, your home is more likely to sell! Meeting with us is completely free, and there is no obligation, so Call Us at 703-297-4251 to see how we can serve you!

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