We know that now is a scary time for those who want to buy a home. What if you purchase a home virtually and don’t end up loving it? Well, for clients of The Reynolds Team, this is one less thing they need to worry about thanks to our new COVID-19 Buyer Protection Plan.

We are now operating our business 100% virtually to protect our clients and team from being exposed to the virus and under this plan, if you buy your home with us during these times and have regrets within the first year, we will either buy it back from you or sell it for FREE!

Watch the video from Sarah Reynolds, for more information on this incredible promise we are offering to our clients!

Buy Your Home Virtually and if you don’t LOVE it, you can LEAVE it!* If you don’t LOVE the home you purchase within the first YEAR, we’ll sell it for you for free or we’ll buy it ourselves. Call us at 703-297-4251. For more details CLICK HERE.