Introducing the latest winner of our 1K Impact Giveaway, Holly Nguyen! We are honored to have gotten the opportunity to meet and present her with this well-deserved $1,000. Holly is a passionate and loving person who selflessly volunteers her time giving back to the Dulles South community. Her leadership inspires and guides those in her neighborhood to follow in her footsteps and put the needs of others first. Holly organizes fundraisers and donates all of the money to worthy organizations, tutors students who are struggling, and gives 150% of herself in every endeavor she sets her mind to. But after all these years of helping others, it was her turn to receive some help. Holly and her family are experiencing some hardships, and despite it all, she remains loyal to her goal of impacting others. We are delighted we had the chance to give back and show our gratitude for all the amazing work she does with our $1,000 gift. If you don’t know Holly, take a moment to thank her for her devotion to the community and wish her well!

Big Announcement Coming for this month’s 1K Impact Giveaway!

A real estate company with experience, proven results, and a give-back philosophy! Over the last two decades of helping thousands of families sell their home and/or buy another, we have met some wonderful, loving, caring people.

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