Dream Home Found
Six months ago, we met Linda, a single mom with a dream to find her forever home! She was looking for a larger, custom house with a wide-open floor plan so her disabled son could easily move around in his wheelchair. After looking at a bunch of homes, Linda fixated on one in particular—a stunning, brick estate in Bowie, MD. This home really had it all—spacious living areas, including a gorgeous sunroom, windows stretching across entire walls, elegant marble floors, an in-ground pool, and so many more incredible features. It was hard not to fall in love with this house, but unfortunately, even after making two offers, Linda didn’t win her dream home.

Miracle in March
Discouraged, she continued her home search but decided to pick it back up in full force after the New Year. What followed a couple of months later was an unbelievable miracle. The home of her dreams went BACK ON THE MARKET! Realtor Partner, Jovan Ruzic, wasted no time getting negotiations started to make sure that this time around, Linda wouldn’t miss out. JR successfully ratified a contract for $15K BELOW ASKING PRICE, which now put Linda in a position to sell the house she currently lived in.

Hiccups Along The Way
With her son having a compromised immune system, the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic heavily impacted Linda’s home sale. She couldn’t allow people to come into her house even though the home of her dreams was within reach. However, one offer did come in, but it was $25K under Linda’s asking price, which she just couldn’t accept. These buyers went on to ratify a contract on another house but ended up backing out because of an inadequate home inspection.

Problem Solving
JR knew there was only one option, and he was going to make it work. He planned to convince the sellers of the home Linda was buying to come down another $20K to make up for the offer Linda received on her home. JR got in contact with the prospective buyers who were excited to hear that even though their other plans fell through, they still had a chance to buy Linda’s house! After rigorous negotiations and working with the listing agent of the home in Bowie, the plan worked!!! The sellers came down from their asking price of $715K to $680K, which made Linda able to accept the original offer on her home.

We are so thrilled that despite all odds, Linda closed on the forever home she had her sights set on for nearly six months. Our whole team worked beside her throughout the entire process with leadership from JR, and we couldn’t be happier about how things turned out! We loved working with Linda, and are so grateful we had the opportunity to serve her. Congratulations!

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