How did we do in the 2017 Real Estate Market? The short answer: AWESOME!

We had a terrific year, in almost every major category! Here are the highlights:

  • We had more people move into our market, and overall had more sales happen! The rest of the DC Metro market is actually down in terms of total SOLD volume, while our area is up. This is a good sign, as this typically means that the desirability of our market is improving.
  • The Average Sold Price went up by 5.46%, while the Median Sold Price went up 8.23%. This is the largest increase we have seen year over year in quite some time!
  • Average Days on Market also went down by 2 days. That’s not a huge decrease, but a decrease in this category is always a good one when you are a stressful seller with your home on the market!

The chart below shows all key metrics. Our team can also run a report for your specific style of home, and are happy to do that for our 20105 Neighbors.

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We will continue to watch the market throughout 2018, and I will keep you updated as to how the Aldie and 20105 real estate market performs. If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 703-297-4251.

~ Sarah Reynolds Oji | Team Leader
The Reynolds Team |